A quick demo of a gesture recognition project at Louisiana Tech University. The goal is to develop 3D hand gesture control for a variety of applications, including general-purpose computing and control of robotics.

We present here recent developments in data storage and processing for an Intelligent Distributed and Ubiquitous Health Management System. The system is designed to store and present data related to faults that may occur in distributed sensor and actuator networked systems. Such systems are common at NASA centers, industrial plants, and other distributed electro-mechanical systems. This video shows how faults detected by the system are available in real-time to end users via smartphone.

Brief introduction of Louisiana Tech’s Micro Aerial Vehicle and Sensor Networks (MAVSeN) Laboratory. Also, demonstration of localization technique where MAV attempts to localize a hidden emitter with use of Vicon motion capture system.

The following video demonstrates the robotic simulator where users can select various hardware components, controllers, sensors, and actuators for deployed robot(s) and monitor their behaviors and interactions. The simulator, with a set of software blocks (models, libraries, databases, analysis tools), generates robotic system workflows, including but not limited to, visualizing interactions and causes/effects for part failures and parameter changes. It’s a great tool for robotic platform design, customization, and more!

-American GNC Corporation (AGNC) and Louisiana Tech University are developing this simulator under AGNC’s prime US ARMY project.

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